Curious about this new thing called Bikepacking? Looking to see New England from a different perspective? Or maybe you just want to fine tune your bikepacking skills in a social environment? New England Bikepacking has got you covered!

Let us sort out the details of your first or 20th bikepacking trip. New England Bikepacking offers guided bikepacking trips with bike rentals, bikepacking bags, and camp gear to go with them. Select a ride that you feel is just right, or maybe take on a more challenging route to further your bikepacking experience. You’ll roll into camp in the afternoon with satisfaction from a day of self-sufficient backcountry travel.

Bikepacking is on the rise as an ultra-light minimalist alternative to traditional bike touring. Generally bikepacking is defined by the off road travel through single track, fire and forest roads, or remote gravel roads. The bikes are packed narrow and lighter than a traditional touring rig, and are fitted with wider tires to tame the rugged trails that may be encountered.

New England has become a target for bikepackers with routes like the xVT, it’s proximity to the recently revealed TATR (The Adirondack Trail Ride), and we’re working with the community to get Massachusetts in with the Eastern Divide Project. Come experience the fun!